Getting Qualifications and Curriculum

The Qualifications and Curriculum Department is committed to building a world-class education and training framework that meets the changing needs of individuals, business and society. We lead developments in curriculum, assessments, occupational profiles and standards, certification, facilities and qualifications.

Getting Training and Development for Education

The Training and development Department is committed to create, administer, and deliver training programs for businesses and organizations. Typically we do the following:

  • Assess training needs through surveys, interviews and observations
  • Design and create training manuals, online learning modules, and course materials
  • Review training materials from a variety of sources and choose appropriate materials
  • Deliver training using a variety of instructional techniques and medias
  • Evaluation of training programs
  • Administrative tasks such as monitoring costs, scheduling programmes, setting up systems and equipment, and coordinating enrolment

Getting Policy and Legislation

The analysis of current policy and legislation structures requires close cooperation based on trust. We will optimize and support you in your request to Legislation and  Policy issues, also we will do researches and labour market surveys.

Getting Quality Management and Systems

Implementing a quality management system (QMS) into a business requires input from employees at all levels of an organisation, starting with top management. Their firm commitment to change and improvement is vital to the success of system implementation. Our range of business consulting includes the development of:

  • Management information systems
  • Education management systems
  • Quality management, Monitoring and evaluation

Getting Private Sector Participation in Education

Beyond government, there is a need for urgent intervention in the education sector by private sector operators because government cannot do it all alone. Our range of business consulting includes the development of:

  • Public private partnerships
  • Sector councils
  • Entrepreneurship and incubation
  • Innovation hubs
  • Corporate social investment