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Neumann, Frank

Who is Frank Neumann?

Frank is looking back to a more than 20 year professional experience …

Frank’s Expertise
Project Management
International Education
Employee Training

Frank is looking back to a more than 20 year professional experience gained in about 30 countries. The main field of activity have been the tertiary education and the public service sectors. He was developing international education and research projects, generating consortia, writing proposals and managing the funded project activities.

He was lecturing and supervising students, coaching international teaching staff developing Syllabi and curricula, undertaking research activities and publishing the results. In the area of public administration he was managing projects for the capacity building of public administration staff in South East Europan countries. In addition he was offering Seminars and Workshops for City Administrations related to the acquisition of project funds and the management of projects.

Frank was member of a range of Universities, Professor, Consultant, Lecturer and Program Manager but also he was leading consulting for more than five years. Currently he is lecturing in a tertiary education institution in Saudi Arabia.

The field of working was highly international and interdisciplinary. He was invited to national Forums and international Conferences as speaker and participated in monitoring and evaluation teams for the scientific boards. Thanks to his efficiency and the quality outcome of his performance he was nominated for a range of honorable degrees and positions.