Team Leader – Local and Regional Economic Development in North Africa

Team Leader - Local and Regional Economic Development

North Africa (francophone)

As a Team Leader in Local and Regional Economic Development, you will be responsible for conducting regional and environmental analyses, analyzing economic sectors and value chains, promoting local economic development in rural areas, and developing and supporting local economic development services. You will also be responsible for developing training and education concepts for local business consultants, creating strategies for disseminating approaches to local economic development, and supporting the institutionalization of business services, training measures, and other BDS instruments. You will also be responsible for compiling good practice examples.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in economics or social sciences
  • Work experience in accordance with specific requirements
  • Strong intercultural and social competence and team-working abilities
  • Strong conceptual and methodological skills in the Moroccan context
  • Work experience in the West/North Africa development context
  • Work experience in the private sector is desirable
  • Fluent in English.

This is a ongoing/regular position with various clients as our customers.


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