TVET Workforce Blueprint


The economic outlook of the selected industries, to provide overall insight in the current and future sector trends and skills requirements to support employment, growth and increased productivity in these sectors.
Identification of skills mismatch and detailed TVET workforce development strategies.

• A workforce development strategy to foster youth employment in Kenya. The workforce development blueprint will be developed based on the “industry outlook”, industry skills requirements and will be matched against the TVET skills supply side (e.g. in-depth TVET situational analysis that will be provided as part of the TVET Blueprint). • An analysis of both industry (current and future) demand and skills supply will result in the development of the National Workforce Blueprint and the related workforce development strategies and interventions. • Quantify the demand and characteristics of critical/ high demand jobs in the economic sectors for appropriate interventions from the TVET sector. • Determine skills, competences and training needs in the various sectors of the economy to provide guidance to the TVET Blueprint.