Careers Guidance


The overall course is designed to be fully participative and all attending should be prepared to take part in a series of role plays conducted in English. The exact nature of the course will vary dependent on the needs of participants identified in Day 1 Course expectations.

Throughout the course there will be considerable opportunities to discuss individual issues with the course tutor (day 2 review of CVs) as well as scope for informal discussions throughout the course

Career Interview

Opportunity for all participants to introduce themselves and share experiences

Course expectations:
Opportunity for all participants to identify what they want from the course. Based on this the exact course content can be reviewed. Specific points will be covered as whole group exercises or if more specific be covered in individual discussions with course tutor

Golden Ticket exercise:
The opportunity to take a step back and review what they want from a future career. What is your ideal job? How can you get it? Is it realistic? What are the barriers? How will you overcome them? Mind mapping? A group work exercise where all participants will have the opportunity to explore these areas and develop their own individual strategies to progress

Review Day 1:
What have you learned? What do you still need to explore?


Cover Letter

Introduction to CVs:
PowerPoint presentation – This will cover the key components of a CV. What is essential? Do you need a range of CVs? How long?

CV workshops in groups:
Groupwork exercise in groups of 3 Each participant will share their CVs with others and get feedback. This will be followed by a group discussion

Different types of CVs:
Different styles of CVs? CVs in different countries? Targeted CVS. PowerPoint presentation followed by group discussion

Cover letters:
PowerPoint presentation followed by groupwork Each participant will produce a cover letter for an organisation they will identify. This will be for a specific job or for an organisation they wish to approach speculatively

From 2-30 Individual reviews of CVs with tutor:
The opportunity to have an individual discussion with tutor on any issues relating to their CV or cover letter. These will be timetabled throughout the afternoon. The rest of the group will continue to work on their CV and/or cover letter

Job Seeking

Job search techniques:
PowerPoint presentation How can you find jobs? What techniques are effective? Short power point presentation followed by group discussion

Advertised vacancies:
Where to look? How do different sectors advertise? Group discussion in small groups followed by plenary

Application forms:
Effective strategies for completion? Use of examples? How long and word limits? Presentation and discussion based on individual experiences.

The hidden job market:
What is it? Impact of COVID? Where can you find it? Importance of networking? Presentation and feedback from all participants on their own experiences

Using Linked In:
What is it? How does it work? What are the benefits? Setting up your own linked in account?

What is a speculative letter?
Effective structures? What to ask for? Effective follow ups? All participants will produce their own speculative cover letter

Review Day 3
What have you learned Discussion of outstanding issues

Interview Training

Interview Techniques a sharing exercise:
Plenary discussion with all participants sharing experiences of interviews they have had both god and bad

Interview techniques:
PowerPoint presentation – To explore some of the key issues relating to interviews. What could they ask you? What could you ask them? Types of interviews? Difficult and unusual questions? Panel Interviews, Remote interviews

How to prepare:
Strategies to prepare for interviews, Group discussion sharing best practice

Interview workshops:
Participants in groups of 3 conduct interviews with each other one interviewer one interviewee and on observer Rotate If required practice interview roleplay with course tutor

Dealing with the unexpected:
What happens if do not know the answer? Do not understand the question? Question does not relate to the job? Constructing effective responses

Individual interviews:
Depending on interest could be series of individual interviews with course tutor

Career Development

Course review and review of course expectations:
An opportunity to look back on course expectations and cover any areas that have not been covered

Ask the tutors:
Open discussion relating to any outstanding issues or new topics that have arisen during the course

Action planning:
Each participant to produce an individual action plan with timelines and share with the rest of the group. The plan should also include contingency options

Careers Guidance


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