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We specialize in meeting the complex requirements in the field of higher and vocational education of international organizations and enterprizes. We are committed to long-term partnerships with our clients, developing an in-depth understanding of their business to better address their unique challenges in the development of educational systems at all levels.

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Professional Education

indeson modernizes, designs and implements concepts of professional education, development and training within the context of changing demands in the 21-century.

indeson believes that professional education should seek to help individuals develop professional understandings, practices, and identities. These understandings, practices and identities frame the lifelong learning of professional educators and education.

Students’ past experiences, cultural backgrounds, interests, capabilities, and understandings are accommodated in learning experiences. Routines promote learner risk-taking and allow learners to take increasing control of their own learning and functioning.

Experiences engage learners in ways of thinking, doing, talking, writing, reading, etc., that are indicative of the discipline(s) and/or authentic social contexts. Ideas and practices are presented with the richness of their contextual cues and information. Learners are provided with models and opportunities to reflect on their experiences and to relate their learning to other social contexts.

Learning experiences are organized around the development of concepts and strategies that learners need in order to participate in other similar situations. Learners are assessed on what they had the opportunity to learn.

Culturally Responsive
Diversity is valued, and learners are helped to become aware of the impact of culture on how they and others perceive the world.

Technologically Current
Available technology facilitates learning. Learners are helped to understand the effect of media on their perceptions and communication.

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Skill Development

Having a skilled workforce has been recognized as paramount to boosting competitiveness in an increasingly global and interdependent economic environment.

In recent years, skills development has become a priority for companies, as well as developed and developing countries alike. 

Professional skills development is needed to foster innovation and increase productivity
As individuals with the right skills and knowledge are more likely to find employment, skills development can also have positive effects in reducing unemployment, raising incomes, and improving standards of living.

Equipping the workforce with job-relevant skills has proven to be a challenge around the world
Mismatches between skills demand and supply are a common occurrence; school leavers and graduates struggle to find jobs that are commensurate with their education and training while employers struggle to fill vacancies. Employers lament the scarcity of skills considered essential for business competitiveness in the current economy that demands quick adaptation, innovation and flexibility. Inexperienced people have trouble finding employment, but so do experienced workers with outdated skills.

indeson has joined efforts to ensure that individuals have access to quality education as well as training opportunities and that employers can find the skills they need to operate.

Country Case Example
Problem / Challenge
The current skills supply system does not meet the demands of industry. It is segmented and poorly coordinated.
Skills supply challenges
Skills development faces three major challenges:

Potential solutions we offer

Indeson seeks to improve the alignment of Vocational Education and Training (VET) with the country’s skills development systems and the skills demand of the industries.
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Demand-driven Approach

Education Training & Labor Market

Our approach is demand-driven and based on the feedback loop between education/training system and labour market needs.