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As an internationally operating service company we are consulting and supporting in all stages of our customer needs in the fields of development projects, greening and sustainability, professional education and skills development.

We are always working result-oriented to keep cost and complexity as low as possible, even in very complex challenges or business environments.

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Our Solutions & Services

Qualifications & Curriculum

The Qualifications and Curriculum Department is committed to building a world-class education and training framework that meets the changing needs of individuals, business and society. We lead developments in curriculum, assessments, occupational profiles and standards, certification, facilities and qualifications.

Policy & Legislation

The analysis of current policy and legislation structures requires close cooperation based on trust. We will optimize and support you in your request to Legislation and Policy issues, also we will do researches and labour market surveys.

Quality Management & Systems

Implementing a quality management system (QMS) into a business requires input from employees at all levels of an organisation, starting with top management. Their firm commitment to change and improvement is vital to the success of system implementation.

Training & Development for Education

We create, administer, and deliver training programs for businesses and organizations, including assessment of training needs, the design and creation of training manuals, online learning modules, and course materials. We also administer, deliver and evaluate training materials and instructional techniques.

Private Sector Participation

Beyond government, there is a need for urgent intervention in the education sector by private sector operators because government cannot do it all alone. Our range of business consulting includes the development of public private partnerships, sector councils, entrepreneurship incubation centers, innovation hubs, as well as find solutions for corporate social investment.

Skill Development

Having a skilled workforce has been recognized as paramount to boosting competitiveness in an increasingly global and interdependent economic environment, fostering innovation and business creation and increasing productivity. indeson has joined efforts to ensure that individuals have access to quality education as well as training opportunities and that employers can find the skills they need to operate.


Latest Papers

indeson research - tvet skills just transition

Dr. Rainer Gerke, founder of Indeson and a distinguished expert in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), has recently co-authored a series of pivotal research and discussion papers with a focus on sustainable development. They scrutinize the transition towards an environmentally sustainable and low-carbon economy, commonly referred to as the Green Economy. This transition is anticipated to significantly impact the global job market by creating new employment opportunities, phasing out certain jobs, and altering skill requirements across numerous professions.

The Imperative for Green Skills in the Transition to a Sustainable Economy

The evolving landscape underscores the critical need for TVET systems worldwide to adapt and prepare the current and future workforce for the emerging challenges and opportunities within the Green Economy. To address this necessity, a comprehensive study comprising five detailed reports has been initiated. The objective of these reports is to identify essential intervention areas, articulate practice-oriented recommendations, and formulate a visionary policy framework for the advancement of Green TVET.


The inaugural paper in this series aims to rigorously explore the pivotal role that TVET must play in ensuring a Just Transition to a Green Future. It also examines the potential contributions of Development Cooperation (DC) in supporting partner countries through this transition. The paper synthesizes findings from a thorough review of recent academic literature and insights gleaned from interviews with various technical cooperation projects.

Key outcomes of the paper include seven thoughtfully formulated theses and recommendations tailored for policy design and DC interventions in the realm of Green Skills. These contributions are intended to inform and stimulate interdisciplinary expert discussions, offering fresh perspectives and catalyzing the conceptual evolution of Green TVET strategies.

This research is positioned as a foundational resource for professionals, policymakers, and academics engaged in the intersecting fields of sustainable development, education, and labor market dynamics. Indeson is proud to present Dr. Gerke’s work as a testament to our ongoing commitment to fostering sustainable development through innovative educational frameworks.

You can access the full paper here.

Our work experience

Projects & References

indeson has been participating in more than 30 high profile international development projects. In addition to that are we very proud of the vast individual experiences of our experts.