Policy and Legislation Services

Fast changing needs of the labor market require a closely monitoring trend on the labor market to adapt their curricula and admission policies to these needs. According to that we offer:

  • Identifying the appropriate labor market for various types of positions.
  • Employer surveys both national and local.
  • Strategies for achieving satisfaction with the skills and competencies of the employees.

Legislation has a major role to play in changing educational systems to vocational based education. We help to revise and harmonize the pace and nature of reform and support our customers to keep pace with the changing practices at national and local levels.

Looking at the match between the supply of skills from formal education and the demand for new/specialized skills continually generated in the labor market and devising appropriate policies to fill any gaps that may be identified and to align educational provision with the needs of the labour market.

Labour market surveys particularly relating to mismatches in current demand for and supply of a trained labour force.