Labor market research, Analysis & Survey

labor market research survey
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Fast-changing needs of the labor market require close monitoring of the trends in the labor market. This way the curricula and admission policies can be adapted to these changing needs. But how is it possible to accurately monitor labor market trends?

We identify the appropriate labor market for various types of positions and will conduct employer surveys, both national and local. We constantly refine our labor market research strategies and methods to generate reliable surveys.

We will also conduct labor market surveys to identify the skills and competencies required for various positions, so there will be an outline of requests for the development of curricula that are in line with the needs of the labor market. We will also analyze the local projections in the labor market and make predictions about future needs. The goal is to achieve satisfaction with the skills and competencies of the employees on the side of the employers, as well as give guidance to policy makers and key stake holders.


Policy evaluation framework

Labor market research for developing countries

Labor market research happens for a reason and has specific goals. A proven approach is to put these goals in the structure of a framework, which is led by a concrete policy. The framework should clarify the policy instruments which are the reason for the labor market analysis, for example, a new regulation or law, public spending or reorientation of curricula of schools and education institutes. The framework should follow a specific theoretical or empirical model, which concentrates on the essential aspects.

The policy model is used to make assumptions and predict outcomes of the policy instruments, rapid economic growth is achieved with significant improvements in the labor market conditions. It is also important to set the policy evaluation criteria, i.e. increasing employment in certain sectors or reducing unemployment of certain groups like women; raising salaries or increasing social protection and labor standards.

Employees Perspective: The labor market & Education

The labor market is the most important input for planning a career. Professional labor market research helps to identify what skills are in demand, where a graduate or a jobless person may find a job, and how to spend time for education and continuous learning as efficiently as possible.

A survey of the situation in the labor market will provide an accurate picture of what the labor market is doing and how it is evolving. With our comprehensive and differentiated service, vacancies, salaries and employment rates will be put in perspective.

Labor market analysis: Questions to ask