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Brian Staines

Brian Staines

Currently working as an International consultant to develop TVET Education employer linkages in Myanmar. Extensive experience relating to the development of effective careers guidance systems which have been delivered internationally including development of training materials and the training of key staff. Involved in policy developments at ministerial level devising effective strategies for careers guidance. More generally extensive experience in teacher training.

More about Brian

Brian has been involved in education and training for the last 30 years of his career delivering training to university students, employers, management at all levels, and within a variety of organizations. He has managed the Careers Guidance Service at the University of Bristol (a leading UK University) where he was responsible for strategic policy for the department as well as directly managing 15 people. He has also extensive experience of international work delivering TVET related training and advising organisations on future TVET development. He has designed a range of employability courses as part of an extensive series of training of trainers courses. These involved extensive Pedagogical Guidance to future trainers on the most effective way of teaching as well as employability skills training including Teamwork, Leadership, Effective Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, and Negotiation skills. His particular expertise is in the development of effective Careers Education and Guidance skills where he has trained staff internationally on effective techniques using international best practice. He is also an expert in the field of education employer liaison and the development of effective partnerships designed to enhance the overall levels of employability. Brian also has worked in most countries in Europe either directly as a trainer or training consultant. This has primarily involved the design and delivery of TVET courses specifically tailored to the needs of various TVET providers, and the development of effective careers guidance systems.  He continues to be a keynote speaker at many international TVET conferences where he can share best practice modules and suggest TVET implementation strategies for the audience in line with their own specific requirements. His most recent consultancies have involved teacher training in:

  • Saudi Arabia(2015-2017),
  • Managing as a rector the International Business College in Mitrovica in Kosovo(2017-2018),
  • Working with the United Nations in Iraq to train careers guidance practitioners at Vocational Education and Training colleges (2018-2019),
  • and is currently involved in a project to develop effective careers education, guidance and employer liaison systems in India (2019)and is currently working as a TVET Education employer linkages consultant in Myanmar.

As a trainer and consultant, he specializes in an interactive style of learning to ensure maximum participation and involvement, inclusivity of all participants, thereby not only making the training extremely effective but an enjoyable experience for all who are involved. In terms of work with employers, he considers building effective educational employer linkages as the essential component in the enhancement of both employability and an increased level of career satisfaction for employees. He sees the development of effective careers education and guidance systems as essential in this process.