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Projects & References

TVET Workforce Blueprint

2020 - 2020 – Kenya

The economic outlook of the selected industries, to provide overall insight in the current and future sector trends and skills requirements to support employment, growth and increased productivity in these sectors.
Identification of skills mismatch and detailed TVET workforce development strategies.

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Supporting a systematic reform in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in Sudan

2020 - 2021 – Sudan

Preparation of capacity building measures tailormade to the needs of the SCVTA and other relevant partners in the field of RPL

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Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy (SEWOH)

2020 – Uzbekistan

Preparation, improvement of teaching material and didactic support in the implementation of training measures on sustainability standards

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Fish for Nutrition (BMZ)

2019 - 2021 – Somalia

Improving Food Security of the Vulnerable Population in Kismayo, Somalia through Access to Fishery Products; Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

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Indo-German Programme for Vocational Education and Training (IGVET)

2019 – India

Establishing Guidelines for Attracting the Right Candidates for Cooperative VET in India

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Enhancement of the Egyptian Dual System (EEDS)

2019 – Egypt

Advice on evaluating the quality of in-company training, ensuring that existing companies offer quality in the dual system, and focus on the prevention of child labour.

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Skills Development for Youth Employment Project (SKYE)

2019 – Nigeria

Execution of certain tasks in the Improvement of vocational training and education in Construction in different occupations

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Skills for Employment and Social Inclusion

2019 – Jordan

Developing Occupational Standards and Validation of Qualifications

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Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP)

2019 – Malawi

Conducting and execution of certain tasks of vocational training and education in the Construction sector (4 occupational areas)

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Design and Implement High-Quality Basic Skills Vocational Training

2018 – British Virgin Islands

Design and Implement Support to Promotion of Employment in Construction and Maritime Sector

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Improving Energy Efficiency in China’s Construction Sector

2018 – China

Program design and management midterm evaluation

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Financing Facility for Skills Development

2018 – South Africa

Support to Skills Initiative for Africa ‘Financing Facility for Skills Development’

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Youth, Employment and Skills (YES)

2018 – Kosovo

Execution of certain tasks of Training of Teacher / In-Company Training / Training of Business membership Organisations / Internship network

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Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP)

2018 – Malawi

Improve access to TVETI review the qualifications system, update curricula, review the governance and management of TVET system, and better train TVET teachers and trainers.

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Liberia: Skill Development for Employment, Job Readiness Program

2018 – Liberia

Execution of certain tasks under the terms and conditions as set forth by the African Development Bank.

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Reforming Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Iraq

2017 – Iraq

Contribution to the development of demand driven occupational profiles, standards, curricula, teaching & learning materials and teacher development in the construction, hospitality and agriculture sectors

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Promotion of Vocational Training in Myanmar

2017 – Myanmar

Applying innovative approaches - modern teaching methods, methods for working with the private sector, improved institutional structures and improved management of vocational schools in practice - Providing expertise on Competency-based TVET in Construction

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