Indeson (International Development and Service in Education) is a dedicated team of consulting professionals, master trainers and educational scientists with extensive experience in all stages of vocational educational projects.

We are involved in supporting short-term assignments up to long-term end-to-end development projects. We have the experience and expertise to meet the most demanding educational developmental needs.

Founded in 2018, we specialize in meeting the complex requirements in the field of Higher and Vocational Education of international organizations. We are committed to long-term partnerships with our clients, developing an in-depth understanding of their business to better address their unique challenges in the development of educational systems at all levels.

The indeson consulting group is an independent partnership and is owned and operated by seasoned consultants with offices in Germany, Kosovo, and Malawi. The company delivers solutions world-wide, especially in developing countries, post-conflict countries and emerging markets.

The Getting Competent Network is our brand based permanent network of quality companies, trainers, and consultants in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. This allows us to build teams that combine world-recognized expertise and in-depth knowledge of the circumstances in your region. We work with international and local partners who have a sustained record of providing successful project support in our project regions. Long-term business relationships with a win-win mindset are the key to our success.